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Holy Wednesday: Remind Me Who I Am

You’re back!  So good to see you!

Now we can begin our Triduum retreat… a day early!

To start off, gather a few simple supplies… paper or journal… writing / drawing stuff (consider markers and/or crayons)… Bible if you have one… your computer / internet.

1.  Carve out about 15 minutes of quiet time in your day when you can be free of distractions.  Turn off your cell phone and your iPod; make yourself promise not to stray on the internet and click onto other sites that catch your eye.  Focus on this small chunk of time only for prayer.

2.  Find a piece of paper or a journal and collect something to write with… maybe even markers or crayons.

3.  Watch this great music video from Jason Gray:  Remind Me Who I Am… maybe watch it twice!

4.  Here are some reflection questions:

What do I need to be reminded of?
Where do I experience God’s goodness in my life?
What do I need to remind other people of?

Using your paper and markers, draw some pictures or write some words to answer these questions.  Take about 5 or 10 minutes.

5.  Put your artistic masterpiece somewhere that you will see it regularly–near your bed / on the bathroom mirror / in a notebook or calendar.  Look at is several times a day to remind yourself of who you are and who you belong to.

Tomorrow…  Holy Thursday:  You Are More.


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