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Ali Babba’s Treasure…or something more…

I love to read…but you already know that.  I have to admit that when I was young, I did not aspire to be a nurse or a doctor.  I always dreamt of being a pirate or a brilliant detective or Tonto’s sidekick.

imaginationAll of my dreams were linked to my wonderful imagination.

I could see myself hanging onto the rigging of the ship that I sailed with my shipmates – forget taking baths, pirates have the sea spray in their face! The treasure I’d find was also exciting, whether I’d find it as Bluebeard, Ali Babba, or Nancy Drew.

Who were your childhood heroes?

It is SO good to remember that when we were younger we aspired to things that may not have really been practical, realistic, or even possible!  reach for the sky

We didn’t just reach for the sky…we reached the sky!

We get so sensible – cynical? – as adults. We filter the dream from the concrete reality and so…more often than not…we stop dreaming all together.

Somewhere along the line, you may have been told to snap out of it…to get real…to grow up.

That Ali Babba’s treasure existed only in your dreams.treasure chest3

Yet – isn’t there great value in  remembering the dreams; the joyful yearning of your hopeful heart?

Scripture tells us to be like little children again – and reaching for the sky was one of our best attributes.

So – what is there to lose today by shedding some of the cynicism we have begun to wear like a cloak – that doesn’t really define you, does it? – and embracing the young person we once were? hero

What could you do to rekindle the sparkle of hope in the next 24 hours…and well, have fun with what life dishes you?

Perhaps there really is a treasure in your life that you have overlooked…or, perhaps, the treasure is God, the one who never lost sight of the joyful, hopeful person you are and can help you remember once again to believe in buried treasure…

Imagination and the Will of God

It has been written that as members of a long-developing Western society, Americans have, for the most part, lost their imagination for God.  There are layers to reality that could be explored and mulled over that we no longer have time for.  For many people, today, the only reality is the concrete one directly involved with their day-to-day…nothing more, nothing less.  No mystery – simply evidence and facts. 

The ancients found it easier to unpack the mysteries of why things occur and what those realities might symbolize.  They could find God –  lift their minds to God – in the pauses between work and recreation much more readily than we, of this era, do.

The toughest part of this reality is that if we have lost our imagination for God, how do we find the God that we cannot imagine?  

How can a God we cannot imagine have any lasting role in our lives or inspire our interaction with others?

Jesus’ example is clear.  Love your neighbor as yourself.  Give the shirt off of your back and walk a mile in their shoes.  Change your own life to make room for the lives of others.  God’s will is that we care for one another as family… that we reflect the heart of God in every outreach we make.  This kind of behavior resonates with someone who calls themselves Christian.

Will Wonder Play a Role?

It’s time to hone your imagination skills – your imagination-for-God skills.   A sense of wonder reveals an openness to what else God might have in store! This calls for some quiet time in your life.  Time which will actually allow you to hear what God is whispering in your heart. 

When you sit in the quiet – pondering the God that defies description – keep your heart, ears, and eyes open for what God will reveal of the rich layers of  your life.  With new ears listen to what invitation God places before you!


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