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Extra-Ordinary Time

Ordinary Time is anything but ordinary – what makes it extraordinary is that there is so much time now to do what the special seasons don’t allow for.  What will God have in store for us in the weeks to come?!

Today, this week, we celebrate an amazing human being.  A man through whom God did great things – continues to do great things – a man who in spite of human flaws and weakness, made an incredible difference to the way we live as Americans.  Martin Luther King Jr. had not only a dream and vision of a better country, he stepped up and out of his comofort zone to facilitate the changes he longed for.  He wrote this letter on April 16, 1963:
Letter from a Birmingham Jail:

“We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people. Human progress never rolls in on wheels of inevitability; it comes through the tireless efforts of men willing to be co-workers with God, and without this hard work, time itself becomes an ally of the forces of social stagnation. We must use time creatively, in the knowledge that the time is always ripe to do right. Now is the time to make real the promise of democracy…” -Martin Luther King, Jr. 

The Church lays the same challenge before us.  Catholic Social Teaching offers us a rich history of speaking up and acting in the name of the Gospel for the good of those who cannot speak for themselves.  Martin Luther King Jr. followed the example of the Gospel, as well.  Together…we do this together…co-workers with God.  What can you do today that gives voice to the love of God?  His words are striking, “…we repent for the…appalling silence of good people.”
Raise your voice! Let’s not be tempted to play it safe and live our lives in the shadow of what others might think of us. What Would Jesus Do, today?  Indeed, what magnificent things will Jesus do through you today?

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