8th Day

Question of the Week

April 13, 2014 Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

Reading I:  Isaiah 50:4-7 (salvation only through the Lord’s servant)

Reading II:  Philippians 2:6-11 (imitating Christ’s humility)

Gospel:  Matthew 26:14-27:66 (the passion of Jesus)

Key Passage:  Jesus emptied himself, taking the form of a slave, being born in human likeness.  And being found in human form, he humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death-even death on a cross. (Philippians 2:7-8)

Adults: How will you try to imitate the obedience and humility of Christ during this holy week?

Children: What could you do to show respect for Jesus this week as the church remembers his death and resurrection?



Palm Lent A



The meaning of the number “Eight” in the Bible is “New Beginnings”

  • The eighth day was new after God rested.
  • There are 7 days in a week and the 8th day is a new beginning.
  • Christ rose on the 8th day which was a new beginning for the world.

In Hebrew the number eight is Sh’moneh from the root Shah’meyn, “to make fat,” “cover with fat,” “to super-abound.” As a participle it means “one who abounds in strength,” etc. As a noun it is “superabundant fertility,” “oil,” etc. So that as a numeral it is the superabundant number. As seven was so called because the seventh day was the day of completion and rest, so eight, as the eighth day, was over and above this perfect completion, and was indeed the first of a new series, as well as being the eighth.

It is 7 plus 1. Hence it is the number specially associated with Resurrection and Regeneration, and the beginning of a new era or order.
When the whole earth was covered with the flood, it was Noah “the eighth person” (2 Peter 2:5) who stepped out on to a new earth to commence a new order of things. “Eight souls” (1 Peter 3:20) passed through it with him to the new or regenerated world.
Hence, too, circumcision was to be performed on the eighth day (Gen 17:12), because it was the foreshadowing of the true circumcision of the heart, that which was to be “made without hands,” even “the putting off of the body of the sins of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ” (Col 2:11). This is connected with the new creation.

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