St. Gall’s CHWC crew paves the way!

What a great week!

Seth and Taylor from St. Gall’s Youth Group!

We just returned from a 10-day trip to Billings, Montana and Catholic Heart Work Camp.  Our group of 14 young people and 6 adults were on a roll!

  • Drove over 2000 miles
  • Drank about a dozen cases of water
  • Ate about 8000 cookies (okay… a bit exaggerated)
  • Painted the equivalent of approximately 2 full houses
  • Used up about 1 gallon of cleaning liquids
  • Talked and played with over 100 residents and children
  • Made about 1 million new friends!  (okay… that might be a bit exaggerated as well)

Bottom Line:  They changed the world!

When we give young people the chance to step up to the plate and offer their gifts in ministry, they rise to the challenge like none other.  Their hearts are usually so on fire for serving others that it hardly ever matters whether the work involves cleaning and painting basement stairwells filled with cobwebs or pulling weeds in fields in sweltering heat.

We can all take a lesson from their unbridled enthusiasm and committed dedication to discipleship.  As we arrived at Lockwood School in Billings, one of our first team questions was:  What do you hope to give this week and what do you hope to gain?

My personal response was a spirit of generosity… to give that and to gain it.  It became clearer in my mind as I watched the joy that each person in my team brought to the table.

Jesus told us that being a disciple would require strength and courage.

Physically… it was a hard week.  Today my body feels like it’s 150 years old.

Emotionally… I need a couple of good nights’ sleep in my own bed.

Spiritually… I received such a huge gift from these youth from all over the country, especially this wonderful group from St. Gall’s in Gardnerville.

When we do the work together, not only do we give to the larger world, but we give to each other.  Take a moment and ask yourself who you want to be with to change the world.  I’d recommend a group of teenagers.  I guarantee that you’ll have companions on the journey that will challenge you to be a better person… there will be a lot of laughing… and you could potentially get paint in your ears!

It’s all worth the time / energy and sweat.  Go get your hands dirty!

exhaustion set in for the adults… * z * z * z * z *…

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About Monique Jacobs

Director of Faith Formation at Catholic Diocese of Reno; I believe in the connectedness of all people and take joy in my faith. I'm always looking at what else God has in store and where the next invitation to growth will come from.

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  1. Elaine, as you could attest to, I am sure I ate over 100 cookies by myself! Sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, couldn’t get any better.
    Great article. I am recovering also, but if asked, I would go again tomorrow!
    So much love, laughter, tears, and some saddle sores!

    • Elaine Menardi

      Thanks Les! What a gift to have traveled and worked with you! And yes… you did eat your fair share of cookies :)
      I look forward to another great trip with you!

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