Holy Wednesday: Remind Me Who I Am

You’re back!  So good to see you!

Now we can begin our Triduum retreat… a day early!

To start off, gather a few simple supplies… paper or journal… writing / drawing stuff (consider markers and/or crayons)… Bible if you have one… your computer / internet.

1.  Carve out about 15 minutes of quiet time in your day when you can be free of distractions.  Turn off your cell phone and your iPod; make yourself promise not to stray on the internet and click onto other sites that catch your eye.  Focus on this small chunk of time only for prayer.

2.  Find a piece of paper or a journal and collect something to write with… maybe even markers or crayons.

3.  Watch this great music video from Jason Gray:  Remind Me Who I Am… maybe watch it twice!

4.  Here are some reflection questions:

What do I need to be reminded of?
Where do I experience God’s goodness in my life?
What do I need to remind other people of?

Using your paper and markers, draw some pictures or write some words to answer these questions.  Take about 5 or 10 minutes.

5.  Put your artistic masterpiece somewhere that you will see it regularly–near your bed / on the bathroom mirror / in a notebook or calendar.  Look at is several times a day to remind yourself of who you are and who you belong to.

Tomorrow…  Holy Thursday:  You Are More.

About Monique Jacobs

Director of Faith Formation at Catholic Diocese of Reno; I believe in the connectedness of all people and take joy in my faith. I'm always looking at what else God has in store and where the next invitation to growth will come from.

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